Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

All services are complimentary for guests staying at the hotel.

The total area of the pool is 114 square meters, and it includes a shallow (cm 60) and a deep (130 cm) end. It has dressing rooms as well as lockers. Hygienic towels are offered to guests at the time of their arrival. All the swimmers are required to wear a swimsuit and a swim cap as they enter the pool area. All equipment is provided in the complex shops.

The guests who are over 4 years of age are allowed to use the pool (due to the depth) and children aged 4 – 12 years are allowed with a parent present. Trained and skilled lifeguards are always present for both  ladiesand gentlemen for safety precautions.

The hotel pool uses the most advance water purification and cleaning system. Rotary air ventilation, intelligent choline injection system and a complex overflow pool balancer; all keep the pool in order year round.


Steam room, dry sauna, and Jacuzzi


High heat and humidity can significantly reduce muscle and joint swelling and improve muscle pain after heavy exercise. Heat is one of the effective ways of relaxation. Sanna and Jacuzzi services are presented in a private and unique environment. The services of this section include steam room, dry sauna, and Jacuzzi.




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