Eye care

Eye care

IRAN offers some the best ophthalmic surgeons and Eye care Professionals with academic expertise and hands on experience in facilities with world class international standards.
Patients who need eye cares and treatments have to spend a lot of money and time in different hospitals and clinics and sometimes they can′t find the services which really need.


IRAN′s eye clinics provide a service that those patient can find their need without waiting too long and in a very affordable cost.



Cataracts is a disease with a variety of reasons that started with blurry lens and an increase in turbidity and cloudiness and finally the eyesight will be worsen.
Today expert doctors say that it is better to do the surgery before stiff lens.
New methods of cataract surgery are done today in Mashhad's specialized hospitals. Here we introduce two new methods that both of them are available in Mashhad.
Due to a new procedure called external, an artificial lens made of crystal and plastic is used to replaces the eye lens.
Another procedure called Ficco surgery is also based on replacement of an artificial lens instead of eye lens but this artificial lens is made of a foldable plastic that 


Drain and prosthetic eye

Unfortunately, in some cases because of: trauma, infection, congenital abnormalities, or acquired disease, a person loses one of his eyes.in these cases the doctor's goal is to keep the patient's appearance by using a mobile prosthetic. In recent years, surgical implantation of a porous spherical prosthesis in the eye socket leads to better results and fewer side effects. This complicated surgery is available in Mashhad hospitals



LASIC is type of eye surgeries for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.Due to this procedure, by using a microkeratome device and removing a layer of thecornea, corneal surface vision correction is done. Most patients after surgery do not use glasses for years or up to the end of life

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