Iranian cardiology specialists hold highest scientific levels in assessing and treatment of cardiac disorders and provide medical services of high quality in performing very advanced heart surgeries, many of them are globally renowned for the complex operations they have attempted.

Iranian cardiologists worked well so that they could reach to the globally pace of development.

These attempts result to reduced mortality of surgeries and angioplasties. In the past 10 years not a single-surgery related death has been reported.

Because of this so many patients from around the world come to Iran to take cardiology cares annually and the most important tip is that they leave Iran satisfied and even completely cured.



Coronary angioplasty, also known under the title of percutaneous coronary intervention, is a procedure used to open blocked heart arteries. In this procedure, a small balloon temporarily inflated where your vessel is experiencing cramps, and it will help to open arteries. Angioplasty is often associated with the permanent wire mesh tube called a stent inside the artery to be a buffer, to keep the artery open and prevent re-narrowing and obstruction. Mashhad’s hospitals use the latest form of stents which one of them is drug-coated and is more beneficial than the other ones. Angioplasty may improve symptoms of clogging arteries, including chest pain and shortness of breath effectively.





Coronary artery bypass graft

Heart, has the blood vessels which provide feeding the heart muscle cells. Fat and calcium deposits in the artery wall, causing the artery wall becomes hard and stenosis. In coronary artery bypass by using a vessel of the patient’s body called graft, and putting this vein above and below the stenosis, there is a new way to pass blood. The veins of the legs and thighs and forearms, are the best graft for coronary artery bypass. This type of surgery is called open heart surgery.


Repair and valve replacement

Heart valve surgery is performed with the goal of repairing or replacing insufficient heart valves.

Typically valves with congenital defects can be repaired.

But in case of severe valve damage, which often occurs for mitral or aortic valve, it must be replaced. Both ways of treatment are available in Mashhad’s hospitals and they are usually performed by open heart surgery.

Recently Mashhad’s heart surgeons started a new method of surgery that is minimally invasive and this method is super convenient for old-aged patients who can’t tolerate the open heart surgery.






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