Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is consisting of many different fields and these operations can vary from cosmetic to reconstruction of tissues and alleviation of medical issues, scar of burns, etc. In the modern hospitals of Iran you can undergo all different types of plastic surgeries according to your wishes for example nose job surgeries, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and reduction and breast lift, liposuction, Botox and injectable treatments, face rejuvenation and chin and cheek augmentation.



Your eyes are the first part of your face that gets the people's attention and are important in your grace. Unfortunately, over time, due to loosening of the skin, eyelids, muscle weakness, and herniation of the fat compartment of the lid, upper or lower eyelids may become loose and puffy.

Eyelid surgery to improve the appearance of the eyes is called blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty surgery is usually an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia done. Doing this procedure on upper eyelid causes lifting the forehead and removing the extra skin at the lower eyelid corrects the puffy appearance. This can be done with the laser, resulting in the usual ways not much different. Many expert surgeons in Mashhad do this surgery in the best condition.




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