Iranian dental specialists are expert in different fields of cosmeticsm, treatments, surgeries, and gingival diseases. The most modern and private clinics are provided in Iran, which the most advanced techniques and innovations are utilized in a full range of dentistry treatments. Dentists are specialized in laser-dentistry, implants, orthodontics, oral surgery, and multitude other services, which are performed by using the highest technology and best instruments.



Orthodontics is usually meant to align the teeth in order to create beauty, but in fact, the discipline scope is wider. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that aims to create a right relationship between all the parts of face or correct the relations between them. You can prevent this irregularity by visiting an expert dentist in childhood and if this irregularity happens, it will be corrected by this procedure. Here in Mashhad several specialists provide an affordable and successful procedures with modern techniques and equipment.


Dental implants

Having all the teeth in mouth is important in several aspects. Videlicet this issue may affect  different sides of life. For example, existence of all the teeth may increase your confidence, raise of chewing food quality and if you have all your teeth then you can eat all types of foods such as vegetables that need to be chewed very well.

Hence if you lost one or more of your teeth, don’t worry! Because dentists in Mashhad are expert in dental implants. Nowadays, this new method is used as a substitute for traditional dentures.

Dental implants can be done in two ways. For both, the surgeon first creates a crack in your gums so that access to the jawbone. The dentist then begets a hole in the bone and puts the implant inside.

Many clinics in Mashhad provide the services of dental implants and give you back your beauty and health.



This method of treatment is consisted of bringing out the root of a tooth, cleaning and shaping the root canal and finally filling the canal in order to prevrent the bacterial intrusion. This procedure aimed  to keep the tooth in the mouth without its nerve so your smile will be normal and you will be able to chew your food without feeling pain.


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