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Cochlear implants

About twenty years ago, and before there was no solution to congenital deafness and deafness in adults and most of these patients had to remain deaf and disabled for life. Fortunately by the development of technology hearing implants were invented by which the deaf can regain hearing.

Cochlear implant, cross-cuts the damaged auditory ciliary cells and converts the environment sounds into electric signals and transfers these signals to auditory nerve.

Cochlear implant device includes the following:

1)A small electronic device that is surgically implanted under the skin behind the ear.

2)An external speech processor that is often put on a belt or in a pocket or behind the ear.

3)A hand pieced microphone placed behind the ear outside the body to absorb sound.

This surgical procedure and the devices are available here in Mashhad.


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Health is an integral part of life and indicates welfare. Access to appropriate health services is one of the most essential human needs in all communities. The so-called notion of ‘medical tourism’ is the perfect solution to access to reasonable, state-of-the-art health services. Mashhad, in north east of Iran, has become a hub for medical tourism since this city has equipped hospitals with diverse, high-quality, and cost efficient health services, provided by expert clinicians. Moreover, this city is well-known for hospitality, peace, and security. In this city, those travelers seeking medical services would find the services with the best quality and price and they will recommend them to the others. The Medical Tourism Department of Zamen Tourism and Travel Agency introduces trained physicians, specialists, and kind staff to solve all the problems of patients and provides the best treatment packages.

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This company offers the best medical services and observes medical ethics. The company's services are guaranteed and after treatment, by regular follow-ups, the probable complications and complaints are resolved in the best way possible. Health and welfare of our customers are the highest values in our work.